1. Any shooting format will be admitted, silent movies or not. Must have been produced after 1st of July of 2016. The works must be original, and should have never participated in this festival before.

2. Films length can be a maximum of 30 minutes, including credits 

3. Films must be in Spanish or must include subtitles in English or Spanish, otherwise the Film Festival may not consider them for the competition.

4. A maximum of 3 works per author or group of authors.

5. There are two official section one section will be in the contest and the other one may be just for information and cultural purpose. The management will select the Works that will enter the festival in each section.

6. Selected movies will be included at film festival official catalogue and will be shown in the film festival activities. Dates of showing will be publish at film festival´s home.

7. Copies of screening format of wining films will be held by the film festival that will make a non profit use.


DEAD LINE 12th January 2018.

(Application will be closed automatically at 24.00 h of the 13th January 2016). There will be a dedicated private server acces to the material will be private. 

You may choose among:

A) MOVIBETA, en la dirección ó

C) FESTHOME, en la dirección

Fullfill the registration form on-line. You are given the chance to upload some stills, the director portrait, as well as all information required. There is no need to send any material by traditional post or couriers once on line sending is made

If you have any other queries, please contact, We can help you with the sending process.


1. The short films and music videos chosen for the Festival’s official section of the Festival will be announced the 25th  of February. Finalists will be contacted personally.

2. Selected films must be sended in HD codec h264, mínimum resolution 1920x1080 -1080p- with the extensió or .mkv) before the 26th of February.

3. On line sending through the platform you used will be offered for those who made the on line sending previous.


Selected films can win:
1st Price: 2.000 € y Roel.
2 st Price: 1.000 € y Roel.
3rd Price youth to the best short film: 500 € y Roel.
Every Prizes needs to be held to Spanish taxes law.
The incorporation of any other prize not included in the present bases, will be announced in due course by The communication channels of the Festival (Web, press release, etc.)


Films director may introduce their films before each projection if they wish to do so.
Film producers agree that Medina del Campo Film festival may use up to 3 minutes of the films to promote the film 
Film festival can shoot any finalist film at a place and hour that they may consider.
Any further information will be sent by phone or mail to the film festival direction.
Every participant accept these rules.

As you know Medina del Campo film festival  is using a private online platform to view their films.  The content is always private and just Medina del campo film festival will have access to it. 

We can waive you some free credits so you do not have to pay to make the submission, besides if you wish to send a link to upload the film, you can do so.